Financial Aid

Use our Financial Calculator to estimate expenses while you are attending FSTM”

Federal Student Aid
Students who are US citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, or Plus Loans. Stafford Loans may be either subsidized or unsubsidized. Students can apply online at  using our OPE # 03856500.
To see how much you can qualify please click here for our Financial Calculator.

For students who will be requesting federal student loans or pell, please be sure to complete your FASFA as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before your interview day. 

Workforce Florida
FA_workforceIn support of our work to help Floridians enter and advance in the workforce while strengthening the state business climate, Workforce Florida offers funding opportunities through grant solicitations, requests for proposals (RFP) and invitations to negotiate (ITN). Eligible students may receive grant funding through the WIA program by contacting their county’s Workforce Center.  The WIA program allows individuals to be trained at FSTM and pays a portion of the tuition cost.


Title I Florida 529 Prepaid College Plan

The Florida Prepaid College Plan is a program through which families prepay for their child’s education at a guaranteed fixed rate. It is guaranteed by the State of Florida. This program began in 1988 and is the largest prepaid tuition plan in the country.

Bright Futures Scholarships
FSTM students who are eligible for Florida Bright Futures Scholarships may apply them to their tuition at FSTM. Fore more information or to apply for Florida Bright Futures please visit:

Veteran Administration Funds
The Veteran Administration will provide FSTM tuition funding for those who are eligible for VA educational benefits. You are likely eligible if you are a veteran, or the spouse or child of a veteran. For detailed information about VA Education Programs, please visit:

Allied-created scholarships for military spouse allows military spouses (or dependents) to prepare for a new career without the worry of paying for tuition or stressing about in-state/ out-of-state residency requirements.

Scholarships for Children/Spouses of Deceased or Disabled VeteransFA_usdva
his scholarship is granted through the Department of Education. For more information visit:

FSTM In-house Payment Plan
Even better, how about a 0% interest monthly payment plan? Sponsored by FSTM, you can now pay the school directly and avoid paying interest. At the time of registration, 1/2 of the semester’s tuition is due to start class. The remaining balance is split into 3 monthly payments. All tuition for each semester is due on the set due date and all fees for said semester must be paid by the last day of school during that term.
To see how much you can qualify please click here for our Financial Calculator.

Private Scholarships
FSTM’s own Kate Ellison, Financial Aid Coordinator, provides assistance and an in-house course on how to apply for private scholarships.

sallie maeSallie Mae Alternative Loans for Career Schools
These are private (bank) loans based on your credit score and financial picture. You may be able to borrow up to the “Cost of Attendance” less any other financial aid you already have. “Cost of Attendance” is calculated by the financial aid office, currently $21,876 per academic year (two semesters). They are not associated with your FAFSA. You should only consider these loans if you are running out of eligibility for federal loans and cannot make ends meet otherwise.
Information and application on line at  Click on the link for Career Training Smart Option Student Loan®.

Wells Fargo Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges

This is another private bank loan available to our students. As with all bank loans, your credit worthiness and financial picture is considered, not your FAFSA. The amount is based on the “Cost of Attendance” less other financial aid.  Private loans should only be considered after other options are exhausted.  Access this loan by going to