The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery Staff

Diane Garrison

Diane Garrison

Executive Director

Diane Garrison, B.A., is a graduate of the University of Florida and joined FSTM as Executive Director in 2013. She comes to FSTM via Duke University, the University of Florida, and San Diego State University with a background in academic research and administration. She brings a passion for complementary and alternative medicine to the midwifery school. In her professional life she took a few years’ hiatus to attend and work at the Florida School of Massage, write grants to further massage research, and work with burn survivors offering massage to assist in their healing. In her off work hours she volunteers with the STH burn unit offering SOAR counseling; plays ball with her bouncing golden doodle; chases kitties around the house; travels extensively whenever she can; and spends time enjoying her grandchildren! While not a Gainesville native, she has come to regard this as her home after spending a life time traveling the globe

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Nellie Esheman

Nellie Eshleman

Business Manager

Nellie Eshleman, A.S., has been working for midwives and student midwives in varying capacities for over 6 years. She has just been promoted to business manager for FSTM and brings many wonderful new ideas and skills to this new position! She is a local cello instructor who enjoys playing in the Gainesville area with different musical groups.

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Erin Dorman

Erin Dorman

Interim Academic Director

Erin is a Certified Health Education Specialist and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education from the University of Florida. Erin spent her time at UF researching and teaching courses about women’s health and reproductive health. Erin’s studies and work have taken her from Ghana to Italy and throughout Central America, finally depositing her in Gainesville. In addition to being an administrator and teaching courses at FSTM, she is also pursuing a certification in Childbirth Education. When she’s not being being a natural birth advocate, you can usually find her frolicking in her garden with her puppies, Elmer and Rupert, and her fantastic husband, Nick.

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Stacey Walden

Stacey Walden

Clinical Director

Stacey is a graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. She started her midwifery training as a student of FSTM in 1995 and graduated from Sage Femme Midwifery School in California. She later moved back to Florida to complete her training at FSTM and obtain her Florida Midwifery License. She has worked as a licensed midwife in: California, Alaska, and Florida in Birth Centers and Home Birth Practices. She has worked at FSTM for ten years, as an instructor, the Academic Director, and presently the Clinical Director since spring of 2008. Stacey is a loving mom to her five year old daughter, who was born at home, in the water with midwives. She teaches Midwifery Clinical Lab, Nutrition, Water Birth with Barbara Harper, Traditional Healing Modalities, GYN Trainings, and facilitates the Clinical Skills Exam for seniors. Her enthusiasm and dedication to midwifery motivates Stacey to educate future midwives for the continuation of midwifery in Florida.

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Kate Ellison

Kate Ellison

Financial Aid & Regulatory Coordinator

Kate has a BS from the University of Tennessee in Sociology and six years’ experience in federal Financial Aid administration at an acupuncture college in Gainesville.  She has a life-long interest in helping women take charge of their lives and sees her work with student midwives in that light.  Her background includes intentional community, natural healing, Nonviolent Communication, and Reiki.

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Glenn Cameron

Glenn Cameron

Administrative Coordinator

Glenn Cameron, A.S., brings thirty years of experience in midwifery and education to FSTM and has worked in various administrative capacities at the school since 1997. She volunteered in a variety of capacities in the development of the midwifery practice act in Florida as well as midwifery related conferences and workshops. She enjoys assisting midwifery students during their “student midwifery journey” and graduation from the program. She has also completed training in Doula, Childbirth Educator, American Aqua-Natal Instructor and worked for the last ten years as a Gynecology Teaching Associate for the University of Florida. Glenn is the mother of three daughters, all born at home, and two granddaughters and two grandsons

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Abby Reichart

Academic Coordinator

Abby Reichardt, B.S., is a local of Gainesville and a graduate of The University of Florida with a degree in Family, Youth and Community Sciences. She began her journey at FSTM as a student midwife in 2011 but took time off so that her husband could pursue an a degree with UF also. During her time off from school she unexpectedly and delightedly became apart of the FSTM staff, and has worked in the Academic Department ever since. Abby had her first son at home with the help of a midwife and graduate of the program, one of the most transforming experiences of her life. She splits her time between her wonderful family and pets, work in the Academic Department, frequent trips to local springs and rivers, and community activism. She plans to pick up her midwifery career once her son is older and would like to one day own a flourishing Homebirth practice in North Central Florida.

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Gaia Zori

Academic Director

Gaia is a Certified Health Education Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s of Health Science from the University of Florida and a Master’s of Public Health from SUNY Albany in upstate New York. Gaia has been a long-time advocate for women’s health, reproductive health and the elimination of health disparities with experiences ranging from teaching high school in inner-city Memphis to studying as an epidemiology fellow in maternal and child health in New Orleans and, most recently, promoting safe and responsible sexual decision making in our communities as a health educator for Planned Parenthood. When she’s not at FSTM, Gaia enjoys surfing with her husband and spending as much time on the water as she can, reading for her book club and trying to learn to speak Danish.

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