Nellie Esheman

Nellie Eshleman

Business Director

Nellie Eshleman, B.S., has been working for midwives and student midwives in varying capacities for over 6 years. She is the Business Director and handles all of FSTM’s marketing and finances. She is a local cello instructor who enjoys playing in the Gainesville area with different musical groups.  Nellie has recently been appointed to the MEAC Board of Directors representing FSTM.

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Stacey Walden

Stacey Walden

Clinical Director

Stacey Walden, L.M., is a graduate of the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. She started her midwifery training at FSTM in 1995 and graduated from Sage Femme Midwifery School in California. She later moved back to complete her training at FSTM and obtain her Florida Midwifery License. She has worked as a licensed midwife in: California, Alaska, and Florida in birth centers and home birth practices. She has worked at FSTM for ten years, as an instructor, the Academic Director, and presently the Clinical Director since spring of 2008. Stacey is a loving mom to her six year old daughter, who was born at home, in the water with midwives. She teaches Clinical Lab, Traditional Healing Modalities, GYN Trainings including breast exam training, and facilitates the Clinical Skills Exam for seniors. Her enthusiasm and dedication to midwifery motivates Stacey to educate future midwives for the continuation of midwifery in Florida.  She has recently been appointed to the AME Board of Directors representing FSTM.

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Kate Ellison

Kate Ellison

Financial Aid & Regulatory Coordinator

Kate Ellison, B.S., is a graduate from the University of Tennessee in Sociology and has six years’ experience in federal Financial Aid administration at an acupuncture college in Gainesville.  She has a life-long interest in helping women take charge of their lives and sees her work with student midwives in that light.  Her background includes intentional community, natural healing, Nonviolent Communication, and Reiki.

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Nancy Gullic

Academic Assistant

Nancy Gullic, B.A., is a Florida native and graduate of the University of Florida in Anthropology.  After graduation, she gained over 25 years of experience in admission and academic advisement in several areas there.  Nancy has two grown children, John 28 and Alexandra 24. She also has three “fur children,” (two dachshunds, Snickers and Sophie and one beautiful kitty, Ms. Violet).  Her other interests include the study of herbalism, natural healing, voluntary simplicity and is a Reiki master.

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Abby Reichardt

Academic Coordinator

Abby Reichardt, B.S., is a Gainesville native and graduate of the University of Florida in Family, Youth & Community Sciences. She first became involved with FSTM as a student midwife and completed one year, taking time off to work so that her husband, John, could pursue his degree at UF also. She has been working with FSTM’s Academic Department since spring 2012. In September 2013 she gave birth at home to her first child, John Earley. Abby is passionate about midwifery education and practice and intends to complete her midwifery schooling and become an LM/CPM. In her free time, she soaks up the good life with her husband, son, dog and kitties and frequents local springs, rivers and parks.

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Gaia Zori

Academic Director

Gaia Zori, M.P.H., is a Certified Health Education Specialist and holds a B.H.S. from the University of Florida and a Master’s of Public Health from SUNY Albany in upstate New York. Gaia has been a long-time advocate for women’s health, reproductive health and the elimination of health disparities with experiences ranging from teaching high school in inner-city Memphis to studying as an epidemiology fellow in maternal and child health in New Orleans and, most recently, promoting safe and responsible sexual decision making as a health educator for Planned Parenthood. When she’s not at FSTM, Gaia enjoys surfing with her husband and spending as much time on the water as she can, reading for her book club and trying to learn to speak Danish.

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Rachel Smith

Administrative Assistant

Rachel, a Pennsylvania native, has been living in Gainesville for four years now and comes to FSTM from a healthcare education background. She brings her passion for a holistic approach to healthcare and is currently obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration. Her previous work experience includes Santa Fe College’s Health IT Workforce Training Program and the University of Florida’s College of Medicine. Rachel enjoys life with her eight year old son, supportive partner, friends and family. In her free time, not dominated by school work, she enjoys being outdoors, reading, and having bonfires in the backyard of her new home.

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Bianca Dixon

Administrative Assistant

Bianca, B.S. & B.A., is a graduate of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Fl and is a native of Gainesville, FL. She brings a passion for learning and innovation in healthcare to FSTM. Her previous healthcare experience includes being a therapeutic attendant at North Florida Regional Medical Center and is currently Pursuing a B.S.N. Bianca is a lover of tinkering with technology, reading, Asian culture, spontaneity, and musical theater. In her free time, she enjoys anime, singing, hobby jumping, and staying abreast to the latest psychological advancements.

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